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Welcome to Collectibles Hub! We are a premier resource for all your collecting needs. Our sports card store is located in  North Dallas, Texas we buy and sell sports cards of all types especially vintage and modern baseball cards and other collectibles such as comic books. Besides being a buyer and seller of sports cards we also provide detailed information about collecting. From trends to vintage we try to cover it all. If you are looking to sell your collectibles collection read the list of things we typically buy located on this page.

Please feel free to call or fill out the appraisal form to contact us. We are interested in collections from all over but primarily buy sports card collections in Dallas, Texas area. We may travel if circumstances warrant. Please also be clear on what you have including manufacturer year and overall idea of the condition of items. Taking scans or close up pictures will help everyone involved. Our website also has an abundance of information to help educate you or someone you know about collecting and types of items. Information includes popular items and information on different items people collect. It is broken down by category to help with the navigation.


Baseball’s long and rich history make memorabilia from this sport some of the most sought after and highest priced in the collectibles field. Baseball cards of Hall of Fame players have been known to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions. Other...
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The value for vintage golf equipment varies. A hickory-shafted club has limited interest, unless it was the property of someone associated with the history of the game. Golf balls and other equipment fall under the same guidelines. If you are collecting vintage golf...
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Vintage football memorabilia, whether professional or collegiate, can be tricky. Those collectibles from historical events, or directly associated with famous players, coaches, or personalities can bring significant returns, no matter the item. Items with game...
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Vintage Olympic memorabilia is broad and varied, ranging from pins, posters, and programs to equipment and uniforms, to medals. The best items to collect are those items that come from landmark Olympics and can be attributed to participants who achieved fame in their...
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Collecting vintage sports memorabilia from other sports is purely speculative at best. The lone exception may be horseracing, especially if the items come from the better known races, or they are connected to famous horses or jockeys. Careful research will help in...
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Hockey – NHL

Pucks, gloves, sticks, skates, helmets, jerseys, and other clothing that were worn or used in games carry interest for hockey fans. If the items have been autographed or have a validated provenance, their value increases. Items signed by those who are famous in the...
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