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Welcome to Collectibles Hub! We are a premier resource for all your collecting needs. Our sports card store is located in  North Dallas, Texas we buy and sell sports cards of all types especially vintage and modern baseball cards and other collectibles such as comic books. Besides being a buyer and seller of sports cards we also provide detailed information about collecting. From trends to vintage we try to cover it all. If you are looking to sell your collectibles collection read the list of things we typically buy located on this page.

Please feel free to call or fill out the appraisal form to contact us. We are interested in collections from all over but primarily buy sports card collections in Dallas, Texas area. We may travel if circumstances warrant. Please also be clear on what you have including manufacturer year and overall idea of the condition of items. Taking scans or close up pictures will help everyone involved. Our website also has an abundance of information to help educate you or someone you know about collecting and types of items. Information includes popular items and information on different items people collect. It is broken down by category to help with the navigation.


Autographed balls, no matter the sport, vary in price. Balls used in games garner the greatest interest, while balls designed for autographing are a little less in demand. The greatest significance is generated by whose autograph(s) is on the ball. Find a ball...
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Autographed helmets, especially those carrying a team logo, are of great interest to collectors. If the helmet has game experience, the interest is even greater. Do not try to repaint or repair the helmet if it is damaged – these only add to its value.
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Vintage hockey memorabilia can be a worthwhile pursuit, though its fan base is greater in Canada and Europe than it is in the United States. Collectibles connected to the greats of the game are of greater interest than those that are not. Also, memorabilia from...
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Pucks & Sticks

Like other types of game equipment, the value of pucks and sticks rests on who used the equipment, what happened in the game in which it was used, and if it was used in a game. Broken items diminish in value, but usable, though damaged items are sought by...
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Jessica Biel autographed photo

An autographed Jessica Biel photo, authenticated, runs about $125 on the memorabilia market. Though a sought after actor, her popularity fluctuates with the quality of her films. Her better received films help drive her popularity up. Signed scenes from these movies...
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For autographed jerseys, the sweatier and dirtier it is, the greater the interest. If a player reached a milestone while wearing it, or the team reached one, the value will increase. Investing in a frame for display and protection is a sound investment.
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