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Like props, wardrobe items from television programs are desirable if they have achieved iconic status (Fonzie’s leather jacket, for example). For wardrobe items not at this level, if they are from famous programs or were worn by well-known performers, they will be sought by collectors. Documentation enhances the value, as this provides proof of the item’s significance.


Script collectors are constantly on the lookout for items from famous TV programs, individual episodes of shows (especially if they carry some notoriety), and shows featuring certain actors. Signed scripts in excellent condition garner the greatest interest, and if there any revisions on it, value increases that much more. Keep scripts preserved in protective jackets or coverings to prevent or limit damage and deterioration.


Television props, like movie props, can bring spirited interested, especially if the item has achieved iconic status. However, when a prop from a television show has reached this point, museums generally step in to take it (or them) for display. This is primarily because television programs are such a strong reflection of American culture and values. The condition of the prop is rarely a factor, but its value rests on who or what television show it is associated with.

Press Kits

The collectability of press kits rests in their condition, the significance of the television programs on which they focus, and if they are autographed or not. While there is a group of collectors that focus on press kits as such, most of the interest generated by kits will be based on the program, its stars, and the program’s place in television history.


Posters that are original and in excellent or mint condition are sought by collectors. This interest can come from a number of fields – poster collectors in general, collectors of the designers work, collectors of memorabilia from a certain actor, and so on. One advantage to collecting television posters is that they are fairly scarce, so when they surface demand can be intense.


Photographs of television performers, or stills from shows have their greatest value when they are in pristine condition and they are autographed. The popularity of the program is also important. This does not mean the show had to run forever, as many short-lived programs have developed strong cult followings. It does mean that there has to be a following for the program, and those interested in it spark competition for the photograph(s) available.