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Other Items

Almost anything of value, monetarily, culturally, historically, or artistically, has its collectors. Original items have greater value than reproductions, and older items are more valuable than newer ones. Condition, origin, and materials used contribute or detract from value depending on the item in question. To get a good idea as to the value of an item, consult with several appraisal services.

Maps, Atlases, and Globes

Collecting of cartographic items has interest for history students, local communities, and map collectors. In many ways, collecting maps, atlases, and globes is like collecting posters, prints, and books. The age of the item is important, especially if depicts items not found on more recent maps. Maps from the Age of Exploration, or that predate this era, have significant value, and are generally destined for museums. While condition is important, it is not as important as the historical significance of the work.


Dolls have a large body of collectors who will pay handsomely for them. While condition is important, the age of the doll and its maker are even more important. Antique dolls from noted doll crafters are highly coveted. Even though condition is not crucial to value, care must still be taken to stop further damage. Dolls can also be restored to add to their value. A reputable appraiser will provide the best information in all of these areas.


While books are highly collectible, they do not offer a large return on the initial investment. Signed first editions bring the greatest interest from collectors and the older the book, the better. Books that have historical significance are desirable, as are those that have been illustrated by artists of note. The condition of the book is important, so care must be taken in maintaining not only the pages, but the covers and the spine as well. A reputable bookseller can help with information as to the best ways to do this.

Stamps and Postcards

Stamp collecting is one of the oldest and most common of collecting endeavors. Value is determined by the age of a stamp, its scarcity, and if it has any peculiarities that make it unique, and therefore desirable to other collectors. Postcards may or may not have much collectable cachet. The artist is the most important factor, followed by the condition of the card. Keep the cards in protective sleeves to prevent damage and deterioration.


Advertising memorabilia can a worthwhile collecting effort, depending on the product. Advertising for certain iconic products are highly desirable, as is advertising that is an example of a particular movement in art. Among these products, posters are the most valuable, and the condition of the item is vital.