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Motorsports trading cards have an audience of those who follow racing, and those who simply collect cards. The greats of the sport bring the highest interest, with other drivers or riders having limited value. Final determining factors are number of races won, the importance of the races, and the condition of the trading cards. Autographed cards do not have the same level of value or interest as those that are not signed.


Golf trading cards are sought by collectors of sports cards in general, and those who collect memorabilia from the sport. The fame of the golfer, his or her accomplishments, and the condition of the card all work together to set the value. Golfers who have won major tournaments have cards that are worth more than those who have not. Autographed cards are not as valuable as those that have not been signed.

Video Game Memorabilia

Video game memorabilia has a limited market at this time – primarily because the audience is relatively young and the evolving nature of the technology. Vintage video games have become noted collectibles, as have promotional items for those games considered iconic. The main problem with collecting video games is maintaining the equipment on which they are played. Video arcade stations are sought after (much in the same way pinball machines are) and can deliver a good return on investment, provided the game on the machine has sustained its popularity.

Window Cards

Window cards are of interest to collectors of memorabilia of certain plays, particular actors or directors, or from performances in certain theaters. As with posters, playbills, and programs, window cards from opening and closing nights are worth more than performances in between. Autographs can enhance their value.

Souvenir Programs

Souvenir programs are only of noticeable value if principals in the play or musical have autographed them, or if the program is from the opening or closing performance. Even then, programs must be in mint condition, so care should be taken to preserve them from damage and deterioration.

Scripts and Songbooks

Collectors desire scripts and songbooks from popular plays and musicals. The most coveted items are those that have notes and revisions written in them. Songbooks and musical scores with notations are difficult to come by, and so their value is increased. If the script or songbook can be attributed to a particular performer, that is even better.