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Other Items

Any item autographed by someone famous in the entertainment industry has a collecting audience. The more closely connected the autographed item is with the signer, the greater the interest in the object. The value also increases if the item is something that has its own collecting base, separate from autograph collectors. In an auction setting, these two (or more) groups will work against each other to drive the price up.


Autographed posters, like photographs, can have a fluctuating value. However, if the poster is an original print or lithograph, and is associated with an important entertainment venue, event, or entertainer, its value may be sustained as time passes, and should even increase. There are a number of appraisal companies that specialize in posters and can provide a reliable assessment of the poster.


Autographed photographs, especially if the signature(s) is original, are good items to collect. The greater the fame of the signatory, the more valuable the photograph is. These items do increase in value slowly over time, and the value can decrease if the fame (or notoriety) of the individual diminishes. These items are best turned over quickly for the greatest return on the investment.

Cards Papers

Autographs in and of themselves, whether on cards or simply on paper have a value grounded in the fame of the performer and the subsequent demand. Autographs on these items need to be protected to keep them from becoming damaged and deteriorating. If possible, use acid free paper for longevity and sustained value.

CDs, DVDs, Record Covers

Autographed CDs, DVDs, and Record Covers vary in value. When collecting CDs and DVDs, try to get an autograph that is clear and not smudged. Also, signed recordings that are from early in the career of the individual are valuable because of their rarity. Autographed record covers are in demand from two groups – autograph collectors, and collectors of record cover artwork. When collecting in this area, look for record covers that are from the first pressing of the record, and not from reissues.


The collectability of autographs from the entertainment industry depends on the fame of the signer and the demand for his or her autograph. A key factor in this demand is how often the entertainer’s autograph surfaces in the collecting world. The greater the frequency, the lower the demand. However, this can be mitigated by having the autograph on something connected to the fame of the signer.