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Signed Basketball Jersey

A signed basketball jersey from a high profile player is one of the more desirable collectibles in sports merchandising. Because of demand and scarcity, prices range from $300 to $400, to over $1000 for an autographed Michael Jordan jersey from his last year with the Chicago Bulls. As with all memorabilia, the value of a signed basketball jersey rests on the reputation of the player and the object signed. Equipment worn or signed by the player signing carries greater value than equipment purchased in a store and then signed by the player.

Signed baseball memorabilia

The acquisition of signed baseball memorabilia is a hobby that can bring nice financial returns. The critical components are the player and equipment or incidental items involved. The greater the status of the player is the most important component. The more famous a player is, the greater the demand for his signature will be. Coupled with this is the scarcity of autographs. Although a player may be famous, if he signed every object thrust his way, the market can become saturated. Related to the players popularity, is the quantity of collectibles directly associated with him. Again, the less there is, the more the value of what exists increases. Signed equipment has the same relationship factors at work. When getting memorabilia autographed, make sure that the autograph will not diminish the value of the item.

Signed Football Memorabilia

Signed football memorabilia has its greatest value if it can be attributed to a Hall of Fame player, or to a significant moment in football history. Equipment and uniforms worn by HOF members carry tremendous value. If the signed football equipment or uniform was used or worn in an historically significant game, then the value of the item increases. Memorabilia signed by entire teams has its greatest value if the signed object is from a significant event – like a championship game.

MMA Autographs

Autographs from participants in Mixed Martial Arts depend on the popularity of the athlete, the accomplishments of the athlete, and whether or not the autograph is on a piece of equipment associated with MMA, or on a piece of paper. Assuming the fighter is high-profile, his or her signature may be in high demand, and its value driven up. Autographs on pieces of paper will bring lower prices than those on equipment, and signatures on the equipment fluctuate depending on the historical significance of the event in which the equipment was used.

Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia that is autographed can garner great interest in the collectibles marketplace. However, there factors that have an impact on their value regardless of the sport. The first factor is who has signed the object in question. High-profile athletes are in greater demand than those who were cut before the season began. The next factor is the equipment or object itself. Signed equipment from a game has greater value than something from the gift shop. If the equipment was used in a game in which something significant happened, the value increases. Signed programs from significant games are also highly desirable.

New England Patriots Autographs

Like any other autograph, the value of an athlete’s signature rests on the reputation and accomplishments of the athlete. With the New England Patriots, this is also true. High profile players like Tom Brady and Wes Welker command greater interest and bring higher prices because of their on-field accomplishments and to some extent their off-field notoriety. Autographs signed by players have greater value if they are on a piece of equipment – such as a jersey or a game ball – than if they were on a player’s card. Autographs in a collection in an autograph book also do well. Autographs on player’s cards tend to devalue both items.