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Depending on the sport, game used equipment carries some value. Golf clubs from players of note, signed golf balls, caps, and gloves are of interest to collectors. The value of items from other sports like tennis and such all depend on who is interested and how many want to acquire the items.

Racing – Automobile

If you have a car driven in a major car race, you have an exceptional collectible. Pace cars also have great interest. Other items from auto racing that garner interest are caps and hats, fire suits and other clothing. Beyond that, there is not much available. Autographed items and memorabilia from notable races carry the greatest interest.

Hockey – NHL

Pucks, gloves, sticks, skates, helmets, jerseys, and other clothing that were worn or used in games carry interest for hockey fans. If the items have been autographed or have a validated provenance, their value increases. Items signed by those who are famous in the NHL are of particular interest.

Football – NFL

With its relatively long history and its restrictive hall of fame requirements, equipment used in games can rise in value quickly. Like all memorabilia, it needs to be validated, so the signers, and historical significance of the event in which the equipment was used is the greatest contributing factor to its value.

College – NCAA

The value in game equipment from NCAA sporting events rests solely in who has signed it, or in the historical significance of the event. This is because of the number of collegiate sports, the number of colleges and universities, and the different tiers of the NCAA.


Basketballs, uniforms, and other equipment used in the various professional basketball leagues are difficult to come by. Simply possessing one, though, is not enough. It must somehow be identified as a ball from an event. Autographs and dates help, especially if signed by participants. The final score and what happened in the game increase its value, especially if the game had some historical significance.