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Other Items

Almost any item associated with a movie can attract a collector. The difficulty lies in trying to discover what items will have the greatest following. One way to determine demand is to place the item on an auction site and gauge the response. If the reaction is notable, then the item(s) have an audience and are probably worth collecting. If the response is minimal, collecting it should be abandoned, or hold onto the item and try auctioning it at a later time.


Movie scripts are the most collectable if they contain the revisions of the writer(s) or directors. The script from a well-known film is desirable, but its value is at the lower end of the spectrum. Scripts autographed by the movie’s key personnel enhance its value.

Props and Wardrobe

At different times, movie studios purge their prop and wardrobe departments. For the collector, this is a great time to obtain iconic items from movies (Dorothy’s ruby slippers, Harry Potter’s wand). These items are more significant if they are connected to a character, rather than the actor who played the character. Having these items autographed is not recommended, as it will diminish their value. However, having some sort of attribution solidifies the value.


Movie programs are a rarity these days, and fare best with those who collect vintage movie memorabilia. Age alone is not enough. The program must be in mint condition, and be associated with an important movie, actor, director, or film making process. Autographs help increase their value.

Press Books and Press Kits

Press books and press kits have historical significance and are of interest to people in this field, as well as for those who collect arcane movie memorabilia. The movie, its stars, and its director as well as the condition and completeness of the books and kits all play a key role in their value and collectability.


Movie posters are highly collectible if they are original and not reprints, and if they are limited in how many were released. The significance of the movie is also a key factor in a poster’s value. When storing a poster, try to keep it flat and protected. If that is not possible (true if it is a large poster), keep it rolled and sealed in a cardboard tube. Authenticated autographs on the poster will add to its value.