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Autographed Entertainment Memorabilia

The value of entertainment memorabilia can fluctuate fairly rapidly. Its value depends on what associations the object has, and who signed it. This can be a tricky endeavor. For example, an autograph from a film star on one item, might not be as valuable as the same artists signature on another. Also, signing increases the risk of devaluation of both the autograph and object – especially if it is an object with a high profile. For example, Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers would not command the price they do if Judy Garland’s signature adorned them like they were a pair of Michael Jordan basketball shoes. Some things do better on their own. The best thing to do is to consult with an expert in the field before getting the signature, and asking for a professional opinion.

Beatles autographed record

A record album autographed by The Beatles can bring as much as $5000. There are several factors that need to be in place before reaching this level, which makes the existence of these items rare, and therefore in great demand. First, how many Beatles signed the album? If all four did, then asking price will be higher. Second, what album was signed? Abbey Road is in the greatest demand, followed by Sgt. Pepper, and the White album follow close behind. Finally, make sure the autographs are validated by a recognized agency. Many objects were signed by members of The Beatles staff, and while they have some value, it is not as great as signatures from the band members themselves – this is why authentication is so important.

Rat Pack autograph

Because of their fame and notoriety, autographs of members of the Rat Pack are in high demand and bring very good prices. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, jr., are the most coveted, and the greater the combination of signatures the more valuable they are. Signed collectibles, like photographs, individual album covers, or personal items attributable directly to the star who signed the object can bring thousands of dollars in a competitive market. Regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller, a certificate of authenticity for each signature is of vital importance. This protects both parties in the transaction, ensuring that the autograph is legitimate and the selling (or buying) price justified.

John Wayne autographed photo

The sustained popularity of John Wayne as an American icon, has kept demand for his autographed pictures high. The range of his films and their appeal provide collectors with a broad range from which to select. The photographs that carry the highest value are those from his westerns and military films. Stills from his work with John Ford are also in great demand, regardless of their genre. Authenticated autographed photos consistently sell for at least $1000. Higher prices are commanded for those photos in which the leading appears with her signature on the photo as well.

Elizabeth Taylor autographed photo

Autographed photographs of Elizabeth Taylor have done quite well through the years, with prices holding steady at between $500 and $1000. This appears to be consistent, no matter the period of her life. Because of her sustained popularity, this makes her signature on pictures highly sought after. As a consumer, it is important when buying any of her signed photographs that the signature is authenticated. As a seller of her collectibles, it is imperative that you get have a certificate of authentication. It is protection for both parties, and legitimizes the value of the autographed photo.

John Lennon autographed record cover

In recent auctions, album covers signed by John Lennon have been sold for more than $50,000. There are several variables that affect the selling price. Among these are the album title, the condition of the cover, and the quality of the signature. More celebrated albums have greater value than lesser releases, and those in mint, or near-mint condition command the best prices. The more legible the signature, the price better the selling price as well. Because of the opportunity to defraud an unsuspecting public, it is important that the signature be authenticated and have an accompanying certificate to verify the authentication.