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New York Yankees Autographs

The value of autographs signed by the New York Yankees depends on the player, the object signed, and the condition of the object signed. Players with a higher profile, or who have greater mystique in the Yankee pantheon, have signatures that carry greater interest. If collecting autographs, it is best to have the signatures in an autograph book, on a letter or a piece of paper. Signatures on equipment or programs do well also, especially if the equipment has some direct connection to the player. It is not recommended that baseball cards be signed, as that tends to devalue both the card and the signature.

Derek Jeter Autograph

The value of a Derek Jeter autograph is slowly increasing in value. While not a record setter, as captain of the New York Yankees and member of many World Series championship teams, make his signature desirable among collectors. The next jump in value will come when he is voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Game equipment and uniforms used and worn by Derek Jeter currently have the highest value of current Yankee players, and as time passes, his value may approach the greatest players in all of Yankee history.

Sidney Crosby Autograph

Following the Stanley Cup Championship, a Sidney Crosby autograph jumped significantly in value. If he wins more before retiring, an increase in value will accompany each win. As he breaks and sets records, his autograph will increase in value, and if he is voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, there should be a substantial spike in its value. Hockey equipment or game programs signed by Crosby, especially if there is any sports history significance associated with the item, are of significant value. Do not get a Sidney Crosby rookie signed, as this devalues both the card and the autograph.

Anderson Silva Autograph

The autograph of Mixed Martial Arts champion has a great deal of cachet in the collectible’s marketplace. The degree of value depends on the legibility of the autograph and whether or not the signature is on a sheet of paper or on a piece of sports equipment. If it is on a piece of equipment, the value is greater than on a piece of paper, and if the equipment has any sports history significance. If the item was part of a championship or record-breaking event, then value increases. The actual value of the autograph is difficult to pinpoint, as it rests on demand and how many autographs exist.

Michael Jordan Autograph

Because of Michael Jordan’s high profile as a professional athlete, and the attention he drew, he was not a prolific signer of autographs. This has helped to drive the desirability of his autograph and any items he signed, up. When purchasing his autograph, or items that bear his signature, buy only those items that have been authenticated by a recognized agency (such as Upper Deck). This is a necessary protective measure because fake signatures have flooded the market. The value of his signature varies somewhat – an autographed piece of paper (while still quite expensive) carries less value than an autographed uniform or piece of equipment. If you possess an autograph or autographed item, visit several on-line vendors to get an idea of its value.

Tom Brady Autograph

A Tom Brady autograph, at the present time, has a moderate value in the collectibles marketplace; the most important factor is the object signed. The greatest demand is for game equipment signed by Brady: helmets, jerseys, footballs, and the like. They value increases if the equipment was used in a game, and increases again if the game was notable in some way (a record set or broken, a playoff or championship game). Because these objects are rare, their value is enhanced. There is some debate as to whether or not a signed rookie card has greater value than an unsigned. The general pattern is that signed cards tend to be worth less than unsigned cards; in fact, the value of both the card and the signature drop. When collecting an autograph from Tom Brady, if it is not on a piece of equipment, it is best to get it in an autograph book, on a program, or a plain piece of paper.